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"Omar Hansen plays his voice like a musical instrument, using tone, pitch and rate to communicate meanings and emotions."
                                      THE DESERET NEWS

​"Lori Hansen gives a show stopping performance."          
                                      UTAH THEATRE REVIEWERS

"Omar and Lori Hansen have a collaborative ease as performers that can only come from years of being and working together. Their onstage partnership reflects their life partnership. They've worked at both, love their work and each other and it glows."
                                       MICHAEL PARENT- STORYTELLER

"Mirthful! Musical! Animated! Passionate! A hoot and a half! Whether telling together or apart, the Hansens whisk listerners away on an unforgetable journey of delight."
                                       TERESA CLARK- STORYTELLER AND AUTHOR OF "LIFE HAPPENS"

Hello! Welcome to the Great Bear Folk Theatre website.  We at Great Bear are dedicated to telling, sharing and listening to others’ stories.  Through stories we connect as families, as friends, as communities, and as the great human family we are.
Through theatre and storytelling, our goal at GBFT is to make you smile, laugh, and dab a tear or two, as we share both the silliness and pathos of being human.
As Philip Pullman says: “After  nourishment, shelter and companionship, stories are the thing we need most in the world.” 
We invite you to take a look to see what’s possible in your school, your community, or for your event.  Feel free to contact us with any questions you may have.
About us:
Our mission statement, resumes, a bio, and publicity photos.
See concerts we do, workshops and residencies, places we’ve been and what people have said.
Descriptions of Omar’s production ready musicals and plays with links to the full scripts, reviews, and theatre classes available.
Story and a Play:
This exciting program features a residency, a fund-raiser, and a show.  Check it out for details.



For information on booking storytelling
performances and/or residencies,
licensing of our musicals and plays, our new "story and a play" program or anything else just send us an email at


July 1st
MEAGHERfest International 2017

July 28-August 6
Ballad of a Meadow
Molly Whirlwind and the Great Bear
Finding Ragnelle

August 19-20
Rexurg Idaho

Here is our new CD. Our store will be up and running soon. Check back to see what's available.