Married for 35 years, parents of five children and grandparents of four, Omar and Lori Hansen, through the Great Bear Folk Theatre have been telling stories in one fashion or another for years. From their son’s kindergarten class, to children’s theatre producers and storytelling teachers at Brigham Young University-Idaho, telling stories is a way of life.
Omar has taught theatre, acting, storytelling, playwriting, mask making and theatre history for the past twenty years at BYU-Idaho.  A published playwright, he also founded the Tellers and Troubadors Children’s Theatre program, where he wrote and produced the plays that were performed each year to over 2500 elementary and middle-school aged children.  It has become a community tradition here in Rexburg, and his protégé is now continuing the program.   As a playwright, song writer, storyteller and professional actor (SAG and AEA) Omar brings a wealth of knowledge and skill to Great Bear.
  After  completing a course at the American Academy of Dramatic Arts in New York, Lori  studied at BYU, earning a Bachelor’s Degree  in Theatre Education.  She has been the primary director for BYU-Idaho’s Tellers and Troubadors, working together with Omar to create the shows that the schoolchildren of Southeastern Idaho have loved for the past 20 years. A professional storyteller as well, Lori enjoys telling both personal stories and folktales that highlight strong feminine role models, as well as the triumph of the human spirit over adversity.  Her one-woman show “Becoming An Honorary Crone” does just that, which she has toured throughout Utah and Idaho.
As a tandem telling duo, the Hansens bring stories to life.  With Omar’s hilarious characters and his original folk music, balanced with Lori’s straight man support and her ability to turn tears of laughter to tears of human understanding, these two  create shows that captivate audiences from all walks of life, from young to old!

Omar and Lori in the musical "Oliver"


The Horrible Monster of Danky Swamp

Omar as Fagin in "Oliver"

Lori as Bresilla in "October Witches"