Mask making and mask acting
Want to try something different? 
Come learn the basics of mask making.  Using masks can be exciting, inexpensive, and unique. We teach everything from the easiest paper masks, to the 3-step process of creating a positive plaster mold of the face, which is then used as a template. We also do a short workshop on acting with the mask.
With Omar’s experience as a professional actor, and having taught it at the University level for 25 years, let him coach your students/actors to bring out the best performances they have inside themselves, and teach them the skills and proper techniques to help them in their theatrical pursuits.  From classical acting to voice work, to comedy, to auditioning, let him help your theatre troupe, your cast or your classroom to higher levels.
Acting the classics
This workshop focuses exclusively on acting for the classical stage.  Scansion, working with verse, physicalization, etc. is the focus of this course.  Help your actors to a higher level of professionalism when performing Shakespeare, Marlowe, Moliere, etc.
Writing the 10-minute play
For the emerging playwright, 10-minute scripts are a fantastic thing.  You’ll learn playwriting skills that can be used in writing 10 minute, one-act, and even full length plays.  Omar will also introduce you to the professional world of a playwright: festivals, competitions, production, and fundraising.
Creating a storytelling theatre
This workshop/residency has the best of both worlds: using the folktales kids know and love, we help you, the educator, transform stories into theatrical productions that are manageable, inexpensive, entertaining, and not overwhelming for them or you.  We’ll teach you directing techniques, staging skills, expression and projection.  Your students/performers will have an invaluable experience, and you won’t pull your hair out by the end of the project.