‘If you want your children to be intelligent, read them fairy tales.  If you want them to be more intelligent, read them more fairy tales.”  Albert Einstein
"Something magical happens between storyteller and story listener.  You’re telling a story, and you suddenly realize they are listening, but they are also off on their own adventure, or lost in their own memory.  That’s our goal: to entertain, to enrih, to open up memory.  And when our tale is done, we’ll all feel a little better, understand each other a little more, and be a little more prepared to slay our next dragons." Lori
As a storytelling duo, ghost stories, holiday stories, folktales and legends will come to life as we share them in our unique tandem-telling style. 
We tell stories to audiences of all ages.  From the youngest elementary school children, to adults from all walks of life, there is something for everyone.
Some of our concerts include:
Candlelight Hauntings:
 A storytelling event to warm your heart and chill your bones.  Traditional ghost stories, from Mr. Fox, to Mary Culhane and the Dead Man, The Corpse Bride, and Bloody MacKenzie, that famous ghost of Scotland. We’ve got haunting folktales, macabre music, and shivers galore.  Our stories can be adapted for audiences of all ages.  Don’t worry, Great Bear Folk Theatre does not perform stories of the occult, and we do not indulge in gore…just good, clean, spooky fun. 
An eclectic combination of some of our most requested stories and songs.  Let us bring you “Molly Whirlwind and the Great Bear,” and other American tall tales, legends and  a little folk music. Complete with a lesson in western culture told by that “renowned” historian, Professor Figmire Ferdmire. You’ll see that some of the world’s greatest stories come from our own backyard. Appropriate for all ages.
Tales for a Winters Night
Let us entertain you at your holiday event.  Along with some of our favorite Christmas carols, this night of humorous and heartwarming stories will help you break away from the hustle and bustle of the season and refocus on the spirit of the Holiday.
Celtic Tales:
There’s nothing quite like a lively old Irish story, unless it’s a Scottish tale.  Celtic stories come to life when they’re told in our tandem storytelling style.  The Girl Who Was Afraid of Nothing, The Red Ribbon Leprechaun, King of the Cats, The King With Horse’s Ears, and more.  We’ve got old Irish drinking songs, and heartbreaking ballads to share.  Whether you’re in charge of St. Paddy’s day, a Scottish festival, or you just love those Celtic lands, we’ve got the stories for you.  Appropriate for all ages.  Erin go Braugh!
Becoming an Honorary Crone:
Lori’s one-woman storytelling show takes you down the path of the crone:  That elusive journey from maiden, to mother to wise woman.  It’s a pilgrimage all women eventually take, but joy comes when the path is clear, and the traveler has the tools she needs to follow it.  Lori will introduce you to the beautiful crone and why it’s an honor to become her. This show not intended for younger children (under 10) due to the themes in it (not because of language or content).
Becoming An Honorary Crone has toured Idaho and Utah,  was performed at the National Storytelling Conference in Richmond,VA and at the United Solo Festival in NYC.
If you don’t see here what you’re looking for, contact us and we can design a show to fit your needs.  Our story repertoire is always growing.