This is the official website of Lori and Omar Hansen's Great Bear Folk Theatre. The Great Bear Folk Theatre is dedicated to the art of storytelling in all its forms.  Through  traditional storytelling, monologues, folk music, and theatre, their goal is to bring stories alive in their own unique way.  They are a resident theatre company of the Historic Romance Theatre in downtown Rexburg, Idaho where they perform a yearly season of entertainment. They also travel the country bringing audiences of all kinds the gift of stories.  From Omar's hilarious characters to Lori's poignant one-woman show, the Great Bear Folk Theatre will make you laugh, cry, and certainly tap your foot to the folk music they love.
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Who we are:
The Great Bear Folk Theatre is a theatrical storytelling company. We are dedicated to the furthering of storytelling in all its forms. Whether we’re telling folktales in our own unique way, sharing personal stories, ghost stories, singing folk songs, or creating story theatre, our goal is to entertain, as well as teach the power of story.

What we do:
As a resident theatre company of the Romance Theatre in Rexburg, ID, we perform theatrical events that are our own combination of storytelling, music, and theatre. Ghost stories, holiday stories, legends and folklore come alive through combining traditional storytelling and theatre. 
We also tour as a storytelling duo, and have performed at festivals across the country, from the Forest Storytelling Festival in Port Angeles, WA to the National Storytelling Festival in Jonesboro, TN, as exchange place tellers, and numerous festivals in between.

We have taught storytelling at the college level, to small groups, to schools, and conferences. We’ve taught teachers about story theatre: putting classic folktales to the stage with limited time and resources. We’re ready to come to your theatre, school, or community center with workshops, keynotes, and residencies on the art and craft of storytelling.  

Where we’ve been:
National Storytelling Festival, Jonesboro, TN
Forest Storytelling Festival, Port Angeles, WA
Timpanogos Storytelling Festival, Orem, UT
Weber State Storytelling Festival, Ogden, UT
Cache Valley Storytelling Festival, N. Logan, UT
Henderson Library District, Las Vegas, NV
Donna Reed Festival, Denison, IA
Madison Library District Conference, Rexburg, ID


Auditions for "The Horrible Monster of Danky Swamp" a Halloween melodrama, and "Candlelight Hauntings," a ghost story concert.

​Friday, July 8th, 5:00, at the Romance Theatre. Call backs will be Saturday at 10 am.

The Great Bear Folk Theatre is dedicated to telling stories in all sorts of ways.  This October, we will be presenting a Halloween melodrama, along with a late night ghost story concert.  We are looking for actors, storytellers, musicians and singers.  The melodrama will be performed for a family audience, and the ghost story concert will be a late night event, for adults and older children.

If you see yourself performing in as an actor in comic play, or have a ghost story you'd love to tell to an audience, or music for the season, come audition and learn about what we do as a theatre company.

The melodrama features: Serenity Braveheart, a young heroine
                                         Sissy and Tallulah, her prissy cousins
                                         Mother Everwhine, their widowed mother
                                         Angus Largehead, the hired hand     
                                         Tobias and Phillip, two somewhat brave brothers
                                         A monster
                                         A witch Filangila Wantonhooper     
                                         And Serenity's long-lost fiance' Jonathan

The melodrama is 45 minutes long, so the first half of the family show will be stories, music, monologues, followed by the play.  You will be part of deciding the entertainment.  This is an ensemble effort, and we fully expect it to be a blast. 
Come prepared with a one minute monologue or read from the script.  Or come tell us a story! (Doesn't need to be a Halloween story, just show yourself off. Or, share some music with us! The possibilities are endless!)