Pioneer Song

Pioneer Song
In this full-length musical, Ruth Maramin, a disillusioned widow of the 1850’s, crosses the Oregon Trail to find a new life for her and her three daughters, but the trials of the crossing are more difficult than she ever imagined and she must face the greatest test of her life in order to find "the song" in the west, a new life and an inner peace. 

This Castle Needs a Good Scouring
This romp through the Cinderella story features a Cinderella who would rather clean than go to the ball, a miserly king, and a fairy godmother on the verge of a breakdown. Winner of the Great Platte River Playwriting festival in 1992 for Children’s Theatre, it has been produced across the country, with most recently a production at the Echo Theatre in Provo, Utah.

Bielzy and Gottfried
What if God and the Devil joined forces and wrote a play? Lucius Bielzy and Joshua Gottfried, two old friends and theatre impresarios caught in an eternal love/hate relationship, rendezvous in a theatre to present a night of 5 short morality plays.  Imagine a confused Adam and Pandora, a man claiming to be Joseph McCarthy, hoping to cast the first stone, a middle-aged woman in spiritual meltdown, bordering on the obscene, a modern-day Job caught in the battle over free will, and a dead man, unable to move on to his new future because he cannot face up to his past.  A humorous and poignant look at mankind’s relationship to the cosmos, Bielzy has been produced at BYU-I, in Provo, UT, and at MITF in New York City.  

Clever Jack and the Pirates
Clever Jack loves Sari Farmer, but he’s the poorest boy in town and Mr. Farmer is against the match.  Jack sets out with a horse, dog, cat and chicken to seek his fortune, so he can come home and marry Sari. But Willard, Mr. Farmer’s confidante and all around mean pig, follows him  to thwart his plan.  Can Jack steal the already stolen fortune from a band of misfit pirates? Will the animals get a new home?  Will Willard be recognized for the manipulative pig he is?  “Clever Jack and the Pirates” is a rip-roarin’ good time of a musical adaptation of that classic folktale The Bremen Town Musicians.

October Witches
In this 50-minute, light-hearted play with music, perfect for any season but particularly Halloween, Agnes Malloy, an Irish farm wife, is threatened by the lost Fenian women, five witches with horns, but with the aid of a Celtic bard, disguised as a wandering beggar, Agnes finds the courage to defeat the witches, ultimately sending them back to the land of Slieve Namon, where they are banished for 100 years.

Finding Ragnelle
Jamie Logan, a bitter man with no story to tell cannot face the tragedy in his life, suddenly becomes a central figure in the Sir Gawain tales when he is magically transported back to the days of Arthur, and ultimately learns that everyone has a story, and true healing can only come when one shares it with others. Featuring masks, puppets, and imaginative staging, Finding Ragnelle is a poignant retelling of the classic Irish story "The Man Who Had No Story to Tell."

A Christmas Carol
This new, simple adaptation of Dickens’ story is true to his original tale, and is told with a cast of 10-12, each actor portraying multiple characters, and features classic Christmas carols, as well as new original music.

In order to appease a comic menagerie of frogs looking for a king, Zeus descends from his mountain, and presents them with the options of buffalo, raven and coyote. But when they can’t choose one because they are terrified of them all, they ultimately choose the stars to be their king, and the swamp returns to normal, the frogs are happy, and Zeus can go back to Olympus.