The Wildman
Based on the Norwegian folktale “The Giant With No Heart in his Body,” Reginald, his Ma’s favorite son, seeks to rescue his two brothers from the clutches of the Wildman, and while on this quest helps the raven, the wolf, and two otters, who in return help him, and by the end of the show, Reginald has saved the day and found true love. (Of course.)

The Horrible Monster of Danky Swamp
While being tormented by the evil witch Filangela Wantonlooper, and with the aid of their yeomanlike manservant, Angus Largehead, three young heroines, two scatterbrained and one smart, seek to find and conquer the horrible monster of Danky Swamp, since cattle, and eligible men of the matrimonial age, are missing.

The Crone’s Revenge
In this fast-paced comedy featuring a play within a play, five 19th century actors find themselves hopelessly trapped in a haunted wood, and at the behest of an old, mysterious crone they cannot leave until they tell the tale of Katherine Grady, an 18th century proper young English woman who must thwart the wicked advances of an amorous sea captain, face  unscrupulous civil authorities, Macbethian witches, and a variety of numbskulls, all while finding her true love, and when they tell the tale, each taking on multiple roles, the spell is finally broken and they are allowed to leave.

The King With Horse’s Ears
In this comic retelling of the classic Irish folktale, a King, who hides his ears, which look just like horse’s ears, under a long mane of hair and his crown,  who when his secret is disclosed, finally learns to accept himself just the way he is, which is a good thing since the town is running out of barbers!