What people have said:

The Wildman" was a light hearted, wonderfully orchestrated, adventure into the land of fairy tales where beasts and animals converse with humans and interact with them in a positive way. It absolutely enthralled the children and even the adults in the audience.  
                                                                        Jackie Mitchell 5th grade teacher
Omar and Lori weave stories into masterpieces. 
                                                   Darla Weathersby  Madison School district
A charming performance for all ages!
                                                            Kelly Johnson Madison School District
The Wildman was fun to the very end, and had us all in tears from laughing so hard.
                                                                 Jordan Kidd       Kennedy Elementary School

What the kids said:
"The best play ever!"
"I liked how they used their bodies as props."

"I liked the wolf. He was funny. I liked how he face planted when they went back across the water."

"I liked how the raven would get in the man's face and annoy him."

"It was funny and it had otters in it."

"The characters just popped right out at us...I liked that very much."