Story and a Play!
We are excited to introduce our new program for 2017: “Story and a Play!”
It’s an opportunity for your school or community theatre to have a great theatre experience for less than the cost of royalties for a traditional musical theatre show.
Included are :1. The licensing rights to one of the musicals/plays on our website. 
All are family friendly and many feature characters that are non-gender specific, and many have roles for lots of women.
2. A residency at your school, (up to 12 hours) which can include any of the workshops and classes we have listed on the website.  Or, we can design one to suit your specific needs.
3. We will also include a storytelling performance at the end of our time with you, that you can use as a fundraiser for your theatre program.  This could be us, or a combination of us and a showcase of your students/actors.
Here’s how it works:
Take a look at the plays that we offer, let us know what interests you, and we can send you a pdf of the specs for that show.   We can also send you a digital script to peruse.
Decide which workshops interest you and we will send a more in-depth outline for them.
Once we have that information, we can talk together and choose a week that works for all of us, discuss prices, and plan our agenda.
Some of the benefits of our program include:
The ability to glean from our experience as both educators and professionals in the theatre business.  
Workshops that may cover areas of less interest or expertise for you: i.e. storytelling, mask making, playwriting, etc.
Having an evening of entertainment to serve as a fundraiser for you, that could also serve as a possible showcase of your students.
Access to scripts that are PG in nature, family-friendly, and have roles that can be played by either men or women, with also many roles specifically for women.    (Having been the producer of the Children’s Theatre program at BYU-I for 20 years, Omar’s scripts had to meet the criteria listed.  )
 Let’s work together to create a theatre event that will be exciting for your students, and satisfying for you, the teacher.  It’s a win/win.