“I think you’re a fairy tale.  I think you’re magical, and brave, and exquisite.  And I hope you’ll let me be in your story.”   Laini Taylor, Strange the Dreamer
Tell a man a story and you feed him for a day, teach him to tell his own story, and you nourish him for a lifetime.   Lori
Here’s a list and descriptions of several workshops we offer.  Take a look and see what might appeal to you.  We can also structure a workshop or  residency to meet your unique needs and interests.  The possibilities are boundless.
Kids’  Storytelling Workshop:  It’s Elementary!
Children will learn the steps necessary to create a great story. This workshop focuses on teaching children good storytelling skills, beginning with how to structure a great story.  Performance skills are emphasized and practiced, such as voice projection, diction, character development, eye contact, etc.  The workshop can be done in a short period of time with a basic overview, or can be led over the course of several sessions, covering areas in greater depth, with more opportunity for students to write, practice and perform their work.  Can be adapted for the age group of your choice.
Tandem Telling: Sharing Stories Two by Two
Telling stories with a partner can be an exciting way to perform.  We’ve been tandem telling for over 20 years.  Come learn from our experience, from our mistakes and successes. You’ll learn how to work with a partner, how to give and take focus, how to share the stage and become one dynamic storytelling twosome. Tandem storytelling is fun!  You may become hooked!
Story Theatre: Is it a play? Is it a story?  It’s both, and it’s a blast!
Take one great story, a stage, and a fearless leader, mix well, and the result is a fun show, proud performers, happy parents, and a teacher who hasn’t puller his/her hair out!   Story theatre is just that: taking a folk tale (say, The Bremen Town Musicians), learning it as a class, assigning parts, (cat, dog, rooster, horse, and a whole lot of robbers), and performing the story.  Come learn how to adapt a story into a script, learn basic directing skills,  simple staging and costuming techniques. You’ll quickly see that theare can be imaginative, fun, low stress, and inexpensive.  This workshop can be completed within a couple of hours, as an overview, or with more time, (several sessions) you can actually practice putting together a project of your own.
Quilting Your Story
Picture an old fashioned quilting bee.  Lots of quilters gathered around a quilt, sharing stories and stitches. As a quilter and storyteller, Lori has discovered the joy and satisfaction of taking a personal story, or memory, and transferring it into your own memory quilt.  Using her own quilts that tell stories as examples, Lori will inspire you, brainstorm with you and help you choose a life event you treasure, and then help you design your own heirloom quilt.  Imagine the memories that will be passed down from generation to generation, as your family learns the stories contained in your quilt. 
Storytelling for Adults
A storytelling workshop for adults.  Come learn how to glean the stories you’ve stored in your memory for years, and then transform them into entertaining, enriching stories.  You’ll learn the elements of story structure, from exposition to rising and falling action. You’ll learn performance skills and techniques to help you tell with confidence.  If you’ve ever wanted to tell stories to an audience, whether it be at a festival to hundreds, or at your next family reunion, this workshop will help you have the skills and confidence to dive in.