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Omar Hansen's plays and musicals have been performed in every region of the country and we want to make licensing one of our musicals or plays easy and affordable. We offer Perusal scripts for only $10 dollars per script and then when you license one of our plays the e-scripts are included with the royalty. There are no hidden fees and we garantee these prices through all of 2020. If you would like a perusal script then fill out the application form below and click the button below to purchase a perusal script. Don't hesitate to email with any questions. We pride ourselves in our ability to get back to our custamers usually in the same business day.

Our Pricing

Educational and Amateur productions;
Perusal scripts are $10.00
Royalty for plays is $75.00 per performance.
Royalty for musicals is $150.00 per performance.
Musical scores PDF and Musical performance CD is $300.00 for the packet.
For professional productions please email us for information.
Please fill out the form below in order to license one of our musicals or plays.
Name of organization
Comments or questions
Musical or play you wish to license
Number of performances
Name and address of performance space/venue