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In this fast-paced comedy featuring a play within a play, six 19th century actors find themselves hopelessly trapped in a haunted wood, and at the behest of an old, mysterious crone they cannot leave until they tell the tale of Katherine Grady, an 18th century proper young English woman who must thwart the wicked advances of an amorous sea captain, face  unscrupulous civil authorities, Macbethian witches, and a variety of numbskulls, all while finding her true love, and when they tell the tale, each taking on multiple roles, the spell is finally broken and they are allowed to leave. Think 39 Steps meets The Crucible

There are six actors in the play that perform all the parts. (4 men-2 women)

Actor 1—Garrick- An old Shakespearean actor. Leader of the company. (50-70)
                 Sailor 2- a sailor on the Goodwife
     Bailiff- a determined officer of the court
                 Parson Strictlaw- a righteous parson
     Sheriff Hangem-a kindly sheriff of Williamsburg
                 Lavina- a large miscreant woman

Actor 2—Booth (Edwin) a young leading man (25-35)
                 Sailor 3- a sailor on the Goodwife
                 Old Bent Woman- Samuel Swiftwind in disguise
                 Samuel Swiftwind- a virtuous sailor on the Goodwife
                 Obediah Pickle- a pontificating miscreant
                 Witch 2- a Shakespearean-like witch (guess which Shakespearean play)

Actor 3—Gwynn—a young leading lady (20-35)
                 Katherine Grady- a young English woman under difficult circumstances
                 Lady Bennet-a beautiful, horrid Ghost. Mother of Captain Bennet

Actor 4—Macready—a handsome leading man (30-45)
                 Captain Richard Bennet- a villainous captain of the Goodwife
Actor 5—Macklin—a clownish actor (30-50)
                 Sailor 1-a determined sailor on the Goodwife
                 Governor Worthy-An honorable judge of Williamsburg
                 Jebediah-a large, ignorant and imposing miscreant
                 Witch 1- a Shakespearean-like witch (guess which Shakespearean play)
Actor 6—The Crone—A theatrical Crone (45-60)
                 Mother Sloppig-an old spiteful witch
The play takes place in the early 18th century on the English ship “The Goodwife”, in Williamsburg, Virginia, and areas in and around Williamsburg.

The set should consist of a multiplicity of found items like boxes and other props and set pieces so the entire play can be created out of those.


Act I
Scene 1: An old ruin
Scene 2: At Sea
Scene 3: Bennet’s Cabin
Scene 4: The Court at Williamsburg, Virginia
Scene 5: Katherine Grady’s cell
Scene 6: An old ruin
Scene 7: Catherine’s cell in Williamsburg
Scene 8: An old ruin
Scene 9: An old ruin
Scene 10: The dark forest

Act II
Scene 1: The dark forest
Scene 2: The dark forest
Scene 3: The dark forest
Scene 4: The dark forest
Scene 5: The court at Williamsburg
Scene 6: On the dock
Scene 7: On the ship Goodwife
Scene 8: Bennet’s Cabin
Scene 9: An old ruin
Epilogue: The dark forest